WildCats 3D

High Resolution 3D Scanner MKII

The MK2 version of our high resolution Desktop 3D Scanner is now available on Kickstarter at a substantial discount on the retail price, so get it while its hot.


With a complete redesign now using the Raspberry PI 3B+ on board to provide wireless communication and scanning Independent of your PC, whilst retaining full Raspbian desktop including web browser, mail client etc. For our MK2 hardware we simplified the design and moved to duel uprights which substantially improves scanning accuracy and a belt drive turntable for more accurate and smoother rotation of the scanned object amongst many other improvements.


Our aim from day one was to produce a highly accurate 3d scanner that could actually be used to build and reproduce objects.


We have looked at different technology’s such as lidar and Photogrammetry but if was obvious that these technology’s although they have the advantage of speed of scan, lack the accuracy required to produce usable models for 3D Printing.


By using line lasers we have achieved a staggering depth accuracy of 0.05mm.


We have developed our own, easy to use software and custom built controller electronics to produce a robust, modular 3D Scanner with the well established Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pi V2 8 Mega pixel camera at its core, this allows the scanner to operate independently of your PC freeing you up to work while scans are in progress.


Communication with the 3D Scanner from the PC / Laptop is done via wireless or cabled networking, simply send instructions to the scanner from our software and then let it get on with it.


Scans can be edited and exported to an STL file for printing, through our simple to use yet powerful WildCats 3D editor software, with many unique features


Continuing / Further development,


  • To be able to convert scans to 3D geometry to load directly into AutoCAD
  • To convert scans to 3D Studio meshes for games makers etc.
  • To preform A.I. based surface correction to make surfaces smooth flat or curved
  • More sophisticated scan scripts including multiple angles, layers and resolutions
  • Auto beam correction.
  • Auto scan.
  • Auto stitch for points clouds
  • Convert to skin with thickness in mm
  • Points cloud auto fill.
  • Object dimensions.
  • Points colour blending when merging scans.


WildCats3D have taken a unique open approach to product production, allowing people to where possible make parts for the 3D Scanner themselves to benefit people who may be on a tight budget.


The WildCats3D software has been priced to allow for continued development, with upgrades and new features being added all the time.


Our scanner is available in several forms, Fully built, Full kit and several Partial kits, to allow you the flexibility either to purchase a pre built or build a High Quality, High Resolution 3D Scanner. (See the table below or our Kickstarter Page)


Fully Built (95% Assembled)

Only available on Kickstarter
  • All the hard work is done
  • Everything assembled in our workshop by the engineers who designed it,
  • A small amount of assembly is required due to shipping limiations
  • Fully tested before it leaves us
  • Access to our private support forums

Essentials Kit

Only available on Kickstarter
  • All mechanical and hardware parts except pre-cut parts & pre-printed parts
  • We include a complete set of STL & SVG files and so you can cut and print everything to complete your 3D Scanner
  • Just add a Raspberry PI 3B+ and a PI Camera to complete, and a few hours of you time
  • Access to our private support forums

Printed Kit

Only available on Kickstarter
  • All the printed parts, printed on our high resolution 3D Printers
  • This is all the 3D printed parts to save you time and effort
  • Required if you buy the "Essentials Kit" and dont have a 3D Printer
  • Access to our private support forums

Cut Kit

Only available on Kickstarter
  • All the Cut plastic, cut in-house on our Laser Cutter
  • This is all the Laser Cut plastics to save you time and effort
  • Required if you buy the "Essentials Kit" and dont have access to a Cutter
  • Access to our private support forums