WildCats 3D

High Resolution 3D Scanner MKII

WildCats3D laser scanner plot software.

Our included PC based Scanner software communicates with the 3D scanner via network or WIFI, and allows you to select scan size, resolution and scan type.


The plot software (main project) has many features and options for the advanced user whilst remaining simple to use for beginners.

A comprehensive instructions PDF will be available with purchase.


Clicking new of the main interface will bring up the scripts panel which allows you to input the scanning parameters including diameter, height and resolution as well as scan type pan scan step and rotational step (a more sophisticated script designer will be available soon).

Once connected to the 3D Scanner various controls appear to allow manual control of the scanner hardware.

WildCats3D laser scanner plot software.

Our WildCats3D Editor software will include many powerful features including the ability to remove aberrant points in your scans, merge several scans together and apply points reduction algorithms, conversion to .STL, surface analysis, colour blending to name but a few.

A full instructions PDF will available when purchased.